Thank you for your interest in The Ohio State University Horseback Riding courses. This sheet will service to provide you with important information about the classes we teach, and the requirements for each student. Our goal is for all students to have a fun and safe experience, and we look forward to your participation!

For previous participants, please note that all registration for lab times is now done on-line through our website above. E-mail or call with questions.

Please refer to the 1161 numbered OSU Course Offerings in the KN SFHP department for specific details about each of our riding classes. You should register with the university for your respective class before completing the information on our website in order to receive your lab time. English and western courses are available at each level. If you are unable to decide between English or western, we recommend that you enroll in a Western class. Many beginners feel that the western saddle provides a more secure seat, and that they can progress more quickly.

Level One: Courses ending in .01 or .05: For the beginner rider with little or no experience.

Level Two: Courses ending in .02 or .06: Rider must saddle and bridle independently and proficiently, demonstrate gaits, leads, and diagonals (English style only), execute upward and downward transitions. Prerequisite: Courses .01 or .05 or equivalent.

Level Three: Courses ending in .03 or .07. Rider must have completed a Level Two course or the equivalent; or with instructor's permission only.

Independent Study: A variety of independent study courses are available to riders who have Level Three experience or equivalent. Courses range from colt gentling and breaking to upper level training. Please contact the stable for permission to add this course.

Important Note: If you are enrolled in a level two or three class, the instructor has the authority to drop a student back to an appropriate level class if they cannot successfully perform at the level for which they have registered.

We observe CHA national standards for horse and rider safety. Therefore a weight limit of riders of approximately 225 pounds will be observed. We will be happy to coordinate alternative horse training programs for riders who may exceed this limit at all levels. Please feel free to contact us by phone for more details. It is our goal to service all horse enthusiasts.

This course utilizes the satisfactory/unsatisfactory grading option (S/U). Your grade is directly related to your participation. If your name does not appear on our final roster, we will assume that you are auditing the class and you will not receive a grade. Riders are required to attend 5 of the 7 hours in order to receive a passing grade. If you are in danger of failing a class due to serious medical problems, or military obligations, you must submit an original letter of excuse from your attending physician or superior officer. In such cases, only the number of rides necessary to pass the course can be made up, and must be done so before the end of the term. Anyone else in danger of failing can make-up missed rides on a PAY PER RIDE basis only at the public rate. There will be no other exceptions for make-ups under any circumstances. The first class is a ground lesson and orientation only at all levels. Anyone who arrives at a class more than 10 minutes late may be marked as absent. The stable is located in a very busy suburb, and you can expect traffic delays, especially during rush hour. Please plan your trip time accordingly. If the University is closed due to weather conditions, you will not ride, and classes will be made up only if the University does so.

The stable charges a lab fee which covers the cost of our actual lessons. This fee is currently $191.00 and may be subject to change without notice. Any fees paid after the first week of the term may be subject to a $25.00 late fee. The lab fees are payable on-line at our website under OSU Registration through PayPal. Fees can be paid with all common credit cards or with an e-check. If you need to pay your lab fee with an alternate method such as cash, or money order, you will need to call the stable directly to make payment arrangements. Riders will not be permitted to participate until all university and lab fees are paid in full. Non-payment shall result in an absence for each week that fees are unpaid. Returned items are subject to a $35.00 bank fee. Any fee not received by the end of the term will result in a non-passing grade.

Instructors for your class are pre-scheduled for the entire term based upon the number of students enrolled. With that in mind, lab fees are non-refundable after orientation week. Requests for refunds must be submitted in writing, and postmarked no later than the Saturday of orientation week. Telephone calls, e-mails and faxes do not serve as proper notification of intention to drop. Refunds will be pro-rated at the public rate to include all classes taken, and no-shows. Refunds are subject to a $35.00 processing fee or a $55.00 processing fee if a textbook has been issued. All refunds will be mailed at the end of the term after grades have been reported by mail. Sorry, no exceptions.

We do not want to inconvenience students by purchasing special attire. Most of you will have the appropriate attire within your casual wardrobe. Appropriate attire includes: long pants, jeans, or riding breeches. Please NO slick clothing, tights, capris, leggings, jeggings, sweat pants, revealing articles of clothing or baggy, loose fitting shirts or tops. Please dress according to the weather with appropriate layers on cold days. Riding, driving, or well fitted leather gloves are permitted, but no mittens. Leather shoes or boots with a sturdy toe and up to a one inch heel are the safest footwear, and will help prevent your foot from slipping through the stirrup. Oversized hiking, and work boots may not fit in the stirrups and are not recommended. Tennis shoes are not ideal due to their soft upper construction. Long hair should be secured off the face. Jewelry and other valuables are best left at home. We will ride indoors during inclement weather; however the arenas are not heated. ASTM/SEI approved helmets are mandatory and will be provided by the stables. Students may of course elect to purchase their own personal helmet. Generally, you can find suitable helmets at local tack shops or Tractor Supply Company. Feel free to call the stable if you have any questions on purchasing equipment.

If you require carpooling assistance, please indicate this on your OSU Registration form provided on this website. A representative of the stable will contact you personally to assist you with names of potential student drivers. Please be courteous about sharing gas expenses with your driver and paying them weekly or in advance. You should mutually work out an agreed gas fee before the first ride. It is also important to meet your driver on time as they cannot be expected to wait for tardy passengers.

DIRECTIONS - Destination: 7380 Scioto Darby Road, Hilliard, Ohio 43026

Please proceed to the OSU Registration form on this site to complete the necessary information to secure your lab time. You will also be prompted to pay your lab fees at such time. You will not be able to secure a lab time without payment. Lab times will be sent to all students by the first Thursday of each term. Riding classes start the second full week of each term.

Your executed liability waiver (follow the prompts under "Click Here to Register").
Your receipt of payment for the class printed from your PayPal transaction.
Please note you will not be able to ride without these documents.

Thanks in advance for your participation. We look forward to assisting you this term!